Lars Orrskog: The Void



The Void

Yes I know you choose it yourselves
No foreign power intervened
So who am I to criticise the void I suspect in the midst of your Chinese body
That void where the Chinese study once was situated
Now promptly guarded by all security officers there are
As such voids always are in police states
The study there once was is now at show behind bars and guards
On the fourth floor in Shanghai Museum
The study was where things were given a second thought
Where thoughts found their origin in language and icons
Where philosophy and politics was formed
And the meaning of it all was questioned
But now void
Instead you fill your mobiles and computers with games your television with advertisement and your mind with consumerism
(Just as we do)
Yes I know you worship Beauty and Harmony
But to me it looks like the final Beauty thus dead and without meaning
Yes I may be wrong and I may be unfair because you choose it yourself
And you may also ask me: who else had a study but the ruling classes?
But I must admit I lack it
And I know there were quite a lot of Chinese students who felt the same
They ventured their lives for it at the Tiananmen Square
And it was there as I understand it that you choose to finally close the study and hide it
But may I guess: you will regret it as we will regret that we lost the meaning of it all